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"Bravo on your film! I was so glad to see the work you've done on it. It really provides a comprehensive look at Second Wave feminism in Boston in its early years, so much great stuff and what a labor of love.

You deserve so much credit for doing this with so little funding too. You have every reason to be very proud."

Rochelle Ruthchild, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

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"Here is all the promise and pandemonium of the women's liberation movement in Boston in the 1970s. Outspoken women from Boston's working class,black and Latino communities; leather dykes starting a new kind of women's bar; women in the arts and in science; women taking care of children and women managing jobs -these are the film's narrators who reveal the messiness and miracles of collectively expanding the possibilities and enlarging the boundaries of women's lives."

Judith Smith, Professor of American Studies, University of Massachusetts/ Boston

"Wondering how it feels after all those years of work to watch it on the big screen and watch a packed audience respond so enthusiastically. The story you tell really is in danger of being forgotten and we are all grateful to you for not allowing that to happen. Beginning with your story was very poignant and gave meaning to the movement's emphasis on the personal as political. So many wonderful moments in the film, powerful interviews, great documentary footage - all approached with what felt like a perfect mix of reflective wit and wisdom."

Gail Reimer, Overseer of this project for the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities



"I just finished watching your film a few minutes ago. I think that it is amazing. I enjoyed it so much. It is a really good history of the women's movement, not just in Boston but across the country. The film documents so many of the key issues that we dealt with. Unlike mainstream versions of feminism, "A Moment in Her Story" reflects the depth, complexity, and seriousness of the politics and movement we created."

Barbara Smith, Albany, N.Y. Common Council Member, Co-Founder, Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press

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