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A Moment in Her Story: Stories from the Boston Women's Movement by Catherine Russo

Starting in 1968, the Second Wave of Feminism rippled across the U.S., demanding expanded possibilities for women of all races and classes. In the Boston area, students, professionals, community activists and working class mothers came together to demand change. This feature length documentary provides testimony of the movement's transforming energy, creativity and determination. Many of the culture wars being waged today came out of this movement and the backlash it incurred. The video traces the history of the women's movement coming out of the Anti-war and Civil Rights movements and continuing through the 1970s. This production includes 22 interviews with movement activists and archival material in the form of photos, videos, posters, music, graphics, newsletters and newspapers from the period. I worked for years to locate this material, asking women for their personal collections and searching through libraries and the web.


A Provincetown Herstory 5 min from Catherine Russo on Vimeo.


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